August 15, 2009

Hello Everyone

I am just getting set up, but I plan to add funny pictures and some jokes later on.
This is my FIRST Blog.
Next, I will do a Twitter Page.... wow a double banger for me (guys, get your mind out of the gutter) !!!

Here is some more stuff about me that's not in my Profile:
I am divorced, my husband of 3 years left me for a woman with big boobs!
Men say I am good in bed - no I am not promiscuous.
I have buns of steel.
I have traveled extensively, something most Americans do not do and have no understanding of other cultures and life styles.
I think I was Japanese in my previous life.
I hate arrogant people and chronic complainers.
People who talk about race, color, religion are the real bigots and racist in this country.
I have a soft spot for cowboys although I have never dated one and cannot ride a horse.
I am not gay and am not interested in a relationship with another woman or some asshole man pretending to be a woman.
I do not do threesomes or public sex.
I will not have my picture taken or painted nude.
I am a pretty good cook and like to try new foods.
I am not like most woman I hate cats and prefer dogs.
I do not watch sports of any kind but like to go to games like hockey, football, and baseball.
I would like to apologize to America: I voted for Obama, I won't make that idiot mistake again!
I am a free thinker not a follower, although I would appreciate it if you followed this blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You won't have trouble getting followers. Your blog is hilarious. As far as your apology to America... the "idiot mistake" could have been a whole lot worse. You could well be looking at the beginning of the end for this country... and the last two years don't have a darn thing to do with it.